Protective non skid carpet runner and rug for floors, stairs, hallways, auto, boat and washable. Protective non skid carpet runner and rug for floors, stairs, hallways, auto, boat and washable
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Carpet protector, non skid carpet runner for floors, stairs, hallways, rugs, auto, boat and washable.
Frequently Asked Questions About CarpetSaver

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Q. What is CarpetSaver made of?

A. CarpetSaver is made of a 75% cotton 25% polyester blend terry, flame laminated to a soft polyurethane foam backing. There are no adhesives or bindings, is 1/8" thick and weighs 1 lb per 8 feet for the 30" wide. Safe for use on all types of flooring, carpet and furniture.

Q. How do I install?

A. Set in place wherever protection is needed. ( for bare steps, best if secured )

Q. Does it really stay in place on carpeting... it won't walk?

A. CarpetSaver stays put remarkably well! It won't 'walk' but it will wrinkle on occasion -- simply pick up two corners and lay it down flat again, like a bed cover. Walking on CarpetSaver helps create static cling also keeping it in place.

Q. Does it interfere with foot traffic?

A. As with anything not nailed down, you'll want to exercise reasonable care not to grab an edge. On bare floors, the runner is subject to bunching up, esp in small runs.

Q. Will it save my Hardwood Floors?

A. Yes, CarpetSaver’s spongy  polyurethane foam backing protects even the finest finishes.
Will not stain or discolor hardwood.  Provides a quiet, non – slip pathway.

However, CarpetSaver is lightweight and will bunch up or move if pulled or pushed into the edges while there is no weight on it. Not suitable for a walker. If soaked while on wood, liquid will seep through. Pick up promptly to prevent trapping water which may damage wood.

stairsHardwood: If CarpetSaver gets soaked through from a substantial spill, promptly remove and dry the floor. Otherwise it may stay wet for extended periods, possibly damaging hardwood.


Q. Will it stay put on stairs?

A. Carpeted Stairs
Foam backed terry runner stays put on carpeted stairs, providing unimpeded traffic flow. It is subject to slight shifting since it is not glued or nailed down. Simply smooth it out in a few seconds. 

Bare Stairs
It is safe to walk on as the foam provides grip. However, it is subject to shifting as weight comes off the runner. For best results we recommend securing CarpetSaver to each stair.

Floating Stairs
For floating stairs (no risers), simply cut individual pieces of CarpetSaver and wrap snug around each flat stair. Secure the two ends underneath the stair in any way that is convenient. CarpetSaver will stay put and look great. Remove anytime for washing. Call for special pricing on small odd lot sizes!

Note: For safety, at the top of a staircase, it’s best to start your run on the 1st step down  from the landing or several feet into the landing itself. If each of your regular carpeted stairs have quite a pronounced 'overhang' the runner will indeed 'hang' out loosely a bit. 


Q. Will it fray or pull when cutting?

A. Not at all. There are no bindings or adhesives. CarpetSaver can be easily trimmed anytime with sharp scissors.

Q. Does the foam fall apart when washed?

A. Breathable polyurethane foam isn't effected by washing like rubber backings on some bath rugs. It's proven to withstand innumerable washes and plenty of traffic. Note: Abrasive surfaces such as concrete however, will readily damage the foam. Do not apply adhesive or tape to the foam as removal will tear it.

Q. How do I best store my CarpetSaver?

A. Simply shake out and roll it up for compact, easy storage.   Then roll it out in seconds anytime protection is needed.

Q. Is it safe for the elderly or infirm?

A. Anyone whose steps are more like shuffling, will likely bunch it up and may cause a tripping hazard. Not suitable for a walker but fine for wheelchairs.

Q. What about outdoor use?

A. There are many, such as on a damp, slick deck to help prevent slips; perfect for workmen tracking dirt and mud in and out.  Use it  at picnics, while gardening, at the beach. It even makes an instant baby changing station while on the go. Use it anywhere that you need a clean, soft textured surface.

Q. Is it OK to vacuum CarpetSaver?

A. CarpetSaver is light weight so if you must vacuum, only do so with the spinning brushes turned off or the runner will immediately be drawn in!

Q. Is it OK to tape pieces together?

A. Sure. If you wish to secure two pieces, line them up flush to each other and place a wide, low quality packing tape directly over the seams' length, on the terry. ( why low quality? Because even tape with minimal adhesive will do the job well) Tape should be about 2" wide, so 1" is on each piece. Do not tape the foam underneath, because it will severely rip the foam when removing it. Same goes for taping the runner to a floor. Tape the edge on the top, terry side...part on the terry, part on the floor.

Q. Is the runner waterproof?

A. There is no plastic or rubber so it is not waterproof. The foam backed terry weave is absorbent and resistant to water from shoes and very minor spills. A substantial spill will result in some seeping through. Since it breathes, your carpet and the runner will dry out in place. If it is on bare floor, esp. wood, pull up the runner to allow it and the floor to dry.

Q. Are there variations in CarpetSaver?

A. CarpetSaver is the same product in all its various colors, widths and lengths. Note, the dye lots of beige may vary slightly.

Q. Is it okay to place on wet or damp carpets?

A. CarpetSaver breathes so moisture in the carpet below easily evaporates, preventing mildew.  If your carpets are damp such as after shampooing and you need to walk there, just roll out the CarpetSaver!

Q. I have fluffy, shag carpet. Will it lie flat?

A. CarpetSaver is light weight so would rest high on the fibers. As such, it may not lay flat and will be more subject to curling or grabbing an edge.

Q. Will any dirt go through?

A. CarpetSaver is breathable. In time, minimal, fine particles of dirt may sift through to carpet below.

Q. Are there other uses?

A. Yes! The uses are practically endless. CS is easily cut to fit any area, large or small. Use it to protect furniture or your pet’s favorite place. Ideal for any vulnerable area. Line counters, shelves, drawers and tables for a quieter non-slip surface while protecting even the finest finish. Car fender during engine service, work space for tools, an instant baby changing area when traveling. Use it at the beach or picnics.

Q. Why is the Price of CarpetSaver lower than 'copy cats' carried by catalogs?

A. You noticed! We manufacture CarpetSaver and offer it directly to consumers and businesses worldwide. Since bringing CS to market in 1990, we have always taken pride in providing high quality goods with fast service, additional colors and a wide variety of sizes. This is our baby and we won't compromise. We focus on volume, not margin, so more people can enjoy the benefits.

Q. How do I become a reseller?

A. Call 703-801-1000. In addition to our select group of premiere national catalogs, we are working with owners of small and large businesses who wish to join in helping us bring CarpetSaver to many consumers and businesses throughout the country and internationally. We look forward to speaking with you.















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